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4) The People’s Pharmacy™ reserves the right to edit any comment for purposes of clarity, readability, grammar, spelling, or tone. Comments that have spelling and/or grammatical errors in excess, including writing in all caps, excessive use of texting slang and lingo (for example b4 instead of before, or 2 instead of to or too) and lack of any punctuation or capitalization (for example im instead of I’m, or ive instead of I’ve, and lack of any use of periods) may not be posted.

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12) Anonymous or anonymized posts are acceptable (for example Anonymous, John S., Ruth G.), but impersonating another person or assuming their name for the purpose of posting is not allowed.

13) Advocating illegal or potentially dangerous activity will not be allowed. Using the commenting forums to attempt to violate state, local, federal or international law is not allowed.

14) Collecting or storing personal data about other users is not allowed.

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16) The People’s Pharmacy™ and its agents reserve the right (but not the obligation) to refuse to post/publish any comment or comments or to remove or edit any comment or comments at their discretion.

17) Any comment you post to The People’s Pharmacy website must be your own original composition. Using the copyrighted work of another person, corporation or organization in whole or in part is not permitted with the exception of limited quoting of other materials where the source is attributed and the quoting falls under “fair use” doctrine. If in doubt, just keep it original.

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