Q. How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the newsletter?

A. To subscribe, simply enter your email address in the box in sidebar of any page on this site and click on the orange arrow next to it. If at some point you decide you would like to unsubscribe, each newsletter has a link at the bottom that allows you to do so.

Q. Why hasn’t my comment posted yet?

A. Comments are carefully reviewed before being posted. This takes time, especially in the evenings, on weekends and holidays. It can take several days for the staff to read comments and approve them for publication as great care is taken to make sure comments are on topic, respectful and consistent with The People’s Pharmacy commenting policy. Comments found to be libelous, defamatory or abusive will be modified or excluded from the site.

Q. How do I apply a coupon to my order?

A. Enter the coupon code into the box provided on the checkout page, and click “Apply Coupon”.

Q. Where is my order?

A. Orders are shipped via either the U.S. Postal Service or FedEx within a day or two of being received. Occasionally delivery can be slow, so please allow at least a week to 10 days for receipt of your order. If you have not received your order within that time, please send an email to store@peoplespharmacy.com.

Q. Why didn’t I get the download I ordered?

A. Sometimes a spam filter on your computer or at your ISP will intercept our email to you with your download. First check your spam folder. If you don’t find it there, then notify us with your name, order # if available, and what you ordered. We’ll make sure you get it.

Q. How to I reset my password for your electronic health guides?

A. We have recorded a short walkthrough of the few quick steps needed to regain access to your account. If these steps do not solve restored access to your purchases, please reach out to us at store@peoplespharmacy.com and we will gladly assist you.

Q. How do I ask a question?

A. Here is a link to submit a question to The People’s Pharmacy┬«. Because the Graedons get so many email messages and questions every day it is not possible to answer every question personally. Questions of broad general interest are frequently answered in their syndicated newspaper column, electronic newsletter and on this website. Names are never published! Any question that is printed will remain anonymous.

Q. How can I listen to your radio show?

A. Check to see if your local public radio station carries our show. If not, ask the program director to consider it. You can also stream audio from our site, listen live online from a station that carries the show, or download the podcast posted Monday after the show.

Q. Can I order a transcript of the radio show?

A. We do not offer transcripts, but you can order a CD or an MP3 of the show for repeated listening or sharing.

Q. Can you put me in touch with your guest from the show?

A. We don’t give out our guests’ contact information, but we will forward your question. We make no promises that it will be answered.

Q. How can I tell the Graedons about a topic or guest they should have on the radio show?

A. Please send an email to contact@peoplespharmacy.com stating the topic you’re interested in hearing more about and the name of the guest, including contact information if you have it.

Q. Where can I order your book?

A. We have several books available here, or from your local independent bookstore.

Q. Do the Graedons give talks? How can I contact them to find out?

A. The Graedons are available to speak to special events. To discuss scheduling and speaking fees, email terry@peoplespharmacy.com

Q. I would like to advertise on the radio show, in the newsletter, on the website or podcast. What are your rates?

A. The People’s Pharmacy is always looking to partner with companies whose products and services help people become better informed about their health. If you are interested in receiving information about underwriting and sponsorship opportunities for the radio show, website, newsletter and podcast, please email joe@peoplespharmacy.com

Q. Who won The People’s Pharmacy Library Giveaway in November, 2018?

A. We had four winners:

Marti Lund of Houston, TX

Deborah Nivens of Southlake, TX

Miriam Brown of Woodstock, GA

Lili Zarate of Joliet, IL

Congratulations to all!




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