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The People’s Pharmacy Quick and Handy Home Remedies

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Home remedies can be surprisingly effective for a number of common ailments. They're less expensive with fewer side effects than prescription drugs. Time-tested solutions for minor health problems.

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A wonderful collection of simple and effective home remedies brought to you by National Geographic and authors Joe and Terry Graedon. There are many surprising treatments for everyday illnesses, including affordable options for easing conditions like:

  • Acne
  • Allergies
  • Arthritis
  • Constipation
  • Eczema
  • Gas
  • Headaches
  • Heartburn
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle cramps
  • Nail fungus

There are also practical, easy-to-use descriptions of three scientifically tested diet plans plus tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Product Reviews

  1. Home remedies

    Mary Rice
    Buffalo, NY

    Excellent – giving them as presents!

  2. Perfect.

    Carole L.
    Houston, TX

    I have wanted this book for a long time. I don’t like to take medications including over-the-counter ones, so I’m going to enjoy having quick natural remedies on my book shelf. I haven’t had time to read it yet as I just got it. I bought one for my daughter, too, since she has 4 children & a husband. Something is always going on at their house.
    I read your column online & find it very helpful!

  3. Good natural remedies

    Dottie Phillips

    I’m so glad I purchased this book. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was looking for natural remedies. I immediately changed my eating habits and am now feeling much better. This book is very informative about the impact of your food choices on your overall health.

  4. Great Book

    Lillie C

    It is easy to read. I follow some of the treatments, and they work. My friends and I really appreciate using natural products. Thank you!

  5. Glad I finally bought the book!

    Catherine Venti
    Matthews, NC

    I’ve been meaning to buy this book for quite some time. I’m glad I finally did. It is an excellent resource and anyone who is aware of the side effects of numerous drugs on the market should check this book’s contents first. You may still need a prescription drug but you may not. It is definitely worth a look.

  6. Excellent -- common sense -- easy to read -- thank you Joe and Terry Graedon.

    Monte Barton

    Excellent — common sense — easy to read — thank you Joe and Terry Graedon.

  7. Home Remedies

    Patricia K
    Norge, VA 23127

    Liked the old book. Is this current one updated with new information?

  8. I originally, bought this book 13 years ago.

    J Rodney

    I originally, bought this book 13 years ago.
    I have been waiting for the updated and revised version. So much of the current research — over the past 12 years — may not be covered in this 2006 publication version.
    Is there a date set for a revised edition?


    Delavan, WI

    Your “easy to remember each part” book entitled “Quick and Handy Home Remedies” recently saved my life.

    I had made a habit of reading from it at bedtime and easily memorized a part each night. I feel I can now quickly react to urgencies and emergencies as they arise from day to day.

  10. Updated information from my old book?

    Linda C T
    Rhode Island

    I own and love your book, Best Choices from The People’s Pharmacy. It has been a help to both to me and my husband over the years. However, it was published in 2006, so I’m wondering if this current book has updated information?
    I’m sure the good old folk remedies remain the same and are effective for many of us. Does this new book have new information and new things learned? Thanks for your unique contribution to everyone’s health! – Linda Collins Thomas

  11. Every family should own this book


    So far, I have tried 6 of the remedies in this book. You have not let me down. A win every time. Every family should own this book.

  12. Forget scientific.


    It is great to rely on treatments that do not include pharmaceuticals. The fewer meds, the better. If an RN is seeking scientific backing for these remedies that work, he or she needs to get a clue by the name of this site. It is not The Doctor’s Pharmacy. Scientific, indeed!

  13. Useful Tips

    Laurie Knodel, VSN, RN
    Des Plaines, IL

    I am still exploring all the information in the book but so far have found it to be a good source of useful information. I do wish there were more detailed information on what are the scientific basis for some of the information as well as how helpful some people have found the suggestions. As a Registered Nurse, the why & how are important to me.

  14. Quick and Handy Home Remedies


    The book title tell is all! For me and my family members, the book has provided solutions for common ailments as well as information on other maladies not previously considered. The book is a source of wisdom and helpfulness that I will always reach for when questions need answers. Thank you for this publication.

  15. very impressed

    Dennis Butler
    Glenview, IL

    We have not yet gotten through the entire book but we were very impressed with the contents and easy to read (by ailment) suggestions for treatment. We think this will be a constant source of information based upon our “ills”.

  16. Excellent source

    Ed Bowling

    Excellent source for solutions to common ailments that every one has.

  17. IT WORKS

    Wilkesboro, NC

    I love the book. I use the mustard for leg cramps often and it always works, also the cough (vicks on the feet) which also works. I also tried the raisins before bedtime and only had to get up once. Thank you so much.

  18. great book


    I purchased as a gift but found myself asking for help. Now I need one for myself. It is a great book.

  19. coughs and warts

    Carolyn S.
    Seattle, WA

    Within the week I cured my friend of night time coughing and removed a wart with duct tape!
    I always have read your column in the Sunday paper and I love my book.

  20. Home Remedies


    I found it very interesting and useful so I purchased another copy for my friend. Not sure when was the last time this book was updated. It would be great if new information could be added on a regular basis and perhaps offer discount to repeated customers…

  21. Home remedies

    Ray Batson

    I really enjoy a source of information that is different than big pharma. Your weekly news letter is very good also.

  22. Home Remedies

    Renate M.

    I love this book. Its right up my alley since I always look for natural treatments first, before taking drugs.

    And as soon as I was done with it I ordered a copy for a friend. And now I’m thinking Christmas presents for some neighbors.

    Keep up the good work.

  23. Excellent resource

    Reeves Bishop
    Charlottesville Va

    I found the many topics in the book to be very helpful

  24. Home Remedies

    Roswell, New Mexico

    I have a friend who has IBS and the tip on eating coconut was very helpful. Thanks

  25. Great book to have!

    Jack Thompson
    Conyers, Ga.

    I gave 1 copy to my daughter (two sons) and 1 copy to my daughter-in-law (one daughter) cause it’s a great quick- fix book for any mother to have.

  26. Just curious


    Curiosity prompted the purchase. Glad I bought it. As a kid (seven decades ago) I was exposed to some pretty off-beat cures from healers in the Georgia swamps. Most worked. Your book is an entertaining read, as is your column. The hint to put a bar of soap under the bottom bed sheet actually worked! My wife hasn’t had leg cramps since we tried it. Psychological? Beats me. But it worked.

  27. Quick and Handy Home Remedies

    Garner, NC

    I bought two copies, one for myself and one for a friend. It is an excellent publication – informative and enjoyable with easy access to topics. I’m thinking about buying more for Christmas gifts. Thank you!

  28. It should be in every home!

    Joan Marzano

    It should be in every home!

  29. Love It

    M. Caldwell

    Wonderful book! I plan on trying some of the natural remedies.

    Thanks for a great book.

  30. I really enjoy reading your book

    Oakdale, CT

    I really enjoy reading your book giving so much useful information. I find myself continuously going back to read the book often.

  31. Very Interesting

    Susan D
    Northern Illinois

    I am enjoying the book, which I bought because I enjoy your informative weekly column. I asked my podiatrist about the various OTC and home remedies for a stubborn toenail fungus, and he said, “Can’t hurt to try”. I have used the amber Listerine soak with some success and plan to try the Vapo-rub. I had used Lamisil in the past but I dislike taking more pills, with all their side effects. And the fungus came back when I quit the pills! So I am very interested in proven remedies from “The People”! Keep up the good work!

  32. Quick and Handy Home Remedies

    William Moss

    I’m a regular reader of your newspaper column and try to file them for reference. However, that becomes a little hard to check back on. The book provides a quick way to check an issue when you have a question.

  33. Home Remedies Book

    Kim Banner
    Nixa, MO

    I love the People’s Pharmacy, and this is a great little “go-to” book for minor problems. I’ve used it already several times and love it!

  34. The best very informative

    Iris Notto
    Mt Prospect ILI

    I love love this book. I keep reading it and refer to it often.

  35. peoples quick pharmacy

    crest hill, hill

    great book – I’m 77 years old and in fairly good health – am only taking a few meds – though i have a long history with lymphoma which I have survived for 13 years – I will refer to this before I run to the drugstore when I have a ache or pain – think this would be a great christmas gift – not only for seniors but for the young people, great find.

  36. A Handy Resource


    Very handy book to have for good old fashioned remedies, a must for all households

  37. Home Remedies

    Mary S
    Missouri USA

    After reading the Graedon’s column in the newspaper and finding so many things of interest I bought the book and have used it for myself or given information to others many, many times. If one is interested in trying something besides another pill, this is a great resource. We worry about our health, what we eat, what we breathe but yet forget to use the ways to wellness our ancestors used for hundreds of years before the pharmaceutical industry took over.

  38. Your book is an excellent resource for home remedies

    Maureen K.

    I purchased this book for my Mom. She reads and saves all of your columns.and has done so for years. I thought this would be great for her, because all of your advice would be in one place. It is great, it is easy to reference and the print is great. She still clips and saves… Your book is an excellent resource for home remedies. I myself read your column.

  39. The People’s Pharmacy Quick and Handy Home Remedies

    Richard Karnette
    Long Beach, CA

    This is my second copy, I gave the first one to a friend. So, of course, I think highly of it.
    On the other hand, I have a complaint about the website. The text is too light and strains my eyes. Please use a bolder text.

  40. Totally Awesome

    David L. Jones

    Have used a couple of the remedies & they worked :)
    Well worth the read

  41. People's Pharmacy Handbook


    Very helpful and informative. Information is useful and easy to find. Research Journal citations are impressive and give a feeling of confidence. I have recommended this handy resource to many family members and friends.

  42. The People’s Pharmacy Quick and Handy Home Remedies

    Ann Cantrell

    Wow! What a great resource – well written, easy to understand and concise! A must have for anyone who appreciates alternative opportunities to care for what ails. My first experience several years ago? Gin-soaked raisins for achy fingers, took about 3 weeks but it was well worth it! Thank you for writing this book!

  43. I love this book

    mary rogers
    Phoenix, Arizona

    I love this book it is so easy to use and everything I have tried has worked !!! I have even ordered another one to send to my sister in New Mexico. Thank you so much for this website , I check into it at least once a week.
    Mary Rogers

  44. Great Reading

    Richard Molter
    Krum, Texas

    Information is really helpful. Refer back to the book often.

  45. Can't put down

    Allentown Pa

    Since I received the book I can’t seem to put it down ! What a wealth of information it containes. I shared it with a friend and she also finds it very helpful. When you can remedy problems without having to take more drugs it is wonderful. Some of the old natural remedies are the best. Thanks for a great book

  46. People's Pharmacy Home Remedies

    Jane Wolak
    Palos Hills, IL

    This little book is absolutely wonderful – it’s my “bible” that I refer to all the time! I have posted the book’s list of the best, healthiest foods for us on our refrigerator and follow it all the time!

  47. Great gift

    Judy Stine

    I gave the book to my mom as a Christmas gift. She loves it and has read the book. She keeps it handy to use when needed.

  48. Home Remedies

    N Massapequa , N Y

    I like reading about natural remedies to medical problems. I eat organic and I don’t take any kind of medication over the counter or prescription unless absolutely necessary. I found some new information in the book that I will try. I recommend the book to anyone who is interested in using natural products to cure problems. The book is reasonably priced as well.

  49. People's Pharmacy Home Remedies

    Dennis Tormey
    Lebanon, CT.

    Very Interesting Read. I have already adopted several of the methods mentioned in it, time will tell how effective they will be but it’s worth a shot. Short articles are perfect for people like me who may have a touch of attention deficit disorder….no cure for that in the book though! I have read excerpts from the book in the newspaper and am happy to have now bought the book.

  50. The Peoples Pharmacy Home Remedies

    Evelyn K.
    Palm Harbor,Fla

    Great book. I keep it on my night stand to have it handy for quick reference

  51. Good Book for Reference

    Jim C
    Newport News, VA

    This book has many helpful and easy to use ideas for individuals to take good care of themselves and to remove pain without drugs. It is an important book for me to have.

  52. Very Informative

    Joan Baxter
    Winter Park, FL

    Enjoyed reading the various remedies suggested and find myself referring to the book often. The use of natural products was enlightening and very interesting. Good work!

  53. Quick and Handy Home Remedies

    Lapwai, ID

    Very practical and an excellent way to get away from prescriptions which normally have a lot of side effects. I am learning so much and will include it in my gift giving.

  54. Quick & Handy Home Remedies

    David L. Jones
    Port Charlotte, Florida

    100% worth the money. A very much valued must read.
    The news letters are A1 also.
    Thank You much for your very informative services

  55. Great resource


    Excellent resource for a myriad of medical issues. I used this well-written and organized reference, belonging to a friend, several times. Decided to order my own. So worth it!

  56. The People's Pharmacy Quick and Handy Home Remedies

    M. M. Teague
    North Carolina

    Excellent book. Highly recommend.

  57. People's Pharmace Home Remedy

    Lanelle L.
    Lake City, Georgia

    Very helpful book. I always read your column in my local paper each week and have learned a lot about different home remedies. The price is very affordable.



    We love the book. Bought another one to give to a friend.

  59. The People’s Pharmacy Quick and Handy Home Remedies

    John L.
    Streetsboro, OH

    My wife and I are both using this book and find it most helpful. Will recommend it.

  60. The People’s Pharmacy Quick and Handy Home Remedies

    North Carolina

    There are books and then there are very useful books. The latest issue of The People’s Pharmacy Quick and Handy Home Remedies is just loaded with useful remedies on hundreds of items. It is easy to read using simple words on a huge number of subjects. Now we need to give one to our doctors and pharmacists. They could benefit themselves and their customers! Drug companies beware.

  61. Great Book

    Mary R.
    phoenix az

    I have used a lot of these same helpful hints for so many in my family. Now even the younger kids come and ask “GG,” what would help their problems, and I go right to your book and find the answer. Great book should be on everyone’s table. So much better to be able to heal or help something with using natural ingredients instead of chemicals.

  62. Love home remedys

    Bobbie K.
    Lake Tahoe Ca.

    Excellent book, I love that it has more than one for each problem! I’ve tried a couple and had very good results! It’s very easy to use and find the info too!

  63. Quick and handy home remedies

    Joan Berger
    Newport News, VA

    Excellent book. Easy to use and full of great information that is easy to do

  64. Interesting and helpful

    Barbara C.
    Elsberry MO

    It’s very interesting and helpful. My husband is taking cinnamon capsules to lower blood sugar, and is eating almonds after meals and cutting back on Prilosec for acid reflux. We are also eating walnuts as a good source of omega 3. It is helpful to have several options given, since different people are helped by different things.



    The book is practical and effective. We made the Thyme tea for our coughs and it was better than any over the counter cough suppressant! We read wisdom and common sense on every page. The Certo-tart cherry juice seems to help our arthritis as well. Keep open minds and the good work Terry and Joe. Roslyn S.

  66. Quick and handy Home Remedies

    Rosalie S
    Mitchell, SD

    Very interesting. Lots of helpful things to try. Easy to find topics. Thanks!

  67. Interesting in all aspects

    Jim B.
    Danville Pa

    Very well written, and full of the natural remedies that I was hoping to find. I’m always willing to try whatever Peoples Pharmacy readers are talking about if it’s related to a problem I have. I’m definitely into the soap in the bed, golden raisins soaked in juniper berry gin, and others. Natural is always better. Good book. I highly recommend it.

  68. Really helpful!

    Maggie Barnes
    Indianola, MS

    Just what I was looking for. Really helpful!

  69. Pharmacy Home Remedies


    Well written helpful information, easily accessible. Lays out the findings from research studies, but is not afraid to include anecdotal information supplied by readers – along with usual caveats to consults with one’s physician. I find it very refreshing to have a resource to consult for natural remedies. It never hurts to try those first.

  70. Great book

    Dave Hill
    United States

    Great book-have read most of it already. Nice to have some natural remedies to chose from.

  71. Quick and handy home remedies

    Mary Murphy

    I purchased 2 books to give as gifts for my 2 children who have young families. I did happen to read over the book before gifting them and found some very helpful info for myself. My 2 kids really appreciated the book and have used them several times.

  72. The People's Pharmacy Home Remedies

    Angela M. Rosati
    United States

    This is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to dispel old wives’ tales…and haven’t we all heard and feared them.
    The book is more a “discussion” than telling. It’s a great book and will remain on my book shelf for easy reference. I like the questions people have sent you both and you have included them in the book. That’s what I mean about “discussion”.
    Thank you, Joe and Terry.

  73. Home remedies

    Linda Smith
    Houston, Texas

    I really liked The book, but I gave it away to my cousin who also really liked it. I would like to order another one.

  74. A Must Have

    Prestine M.

    All books by People’s Pharmacy are “must haves”. I have ordered several as gifts. The information offered is excellent and worth the price.

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