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Cholesterol Control & Heart Health

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Quick Overview

Heart disease is still a top killer, and high cholesterol is an important risk factor. This guide will teach you about the condition, as well as many effective treatment options.

Product Description

Our digital health guide to Cholesterol Control and Heart Health features drug and non-drug approaches to lowering cholesterol, including supplements, home remedies, anti-inflammatory foods, red yeast rice, statins, and other medications.

It includes information you need about the latest cholesterol drugs and non-drug treatments. Find out how Laura E. lowered her LDL cholesterol 44 points in 5 weeks without medications!

Product Reviews

  1. Cholesterol facts

    Bruce Harrison

    Of what I read so far seems to be good and up to date.

  2. Greatly improved my understanding of risk factors

    Robert Dobrowski

    It’s great to see the results of various studies that clearly contradict the promotional literature distributed by the drug companies. As a trained scientist, I am appalled by the claims made by the drug companies based on data that is statistically invalid. Statins and the focus on cholesterol are clearly misunderstood by the mainstream medical community.

  3. Cholesterol Control and Heart Disease

    joan Lieberman
    Palm Beach, Florida

    I got some valuable pointers. I’m still re-reading it.

  4. It's time for an update!

    Elle Gee
    North Carolina

    Joe and Terry, Thanks for a terrific guide on cholesterol issues–I have really benefited from it! BUT it’s time for an update! Surely, in over ten years there has been sufficient new research and modifications to our understanding to merit a fresh look.

    Best wishes!

  5. Cholesterol Control and Heart Health

    Albert Paul

    I liked the report very much, it is very informative and well written. I will use some
    of the sections and try to get my Cholesterol down to a manageable level.
    I can only recommend the booklet.

  6. Excellent, as always


    I have purchased printed guides from The People’s Pharmacy, and all have been exceptionally good. I had trouble downloading and printing this one, but customer service was very helpful. I received an email with an attached PDF and an apology for my difficulty. I will not hesitate to purchase another. Their podcast is outstanding, as is their emailed newsletter.

  7. Cholesterol Control & Heart Health

    Nancy D.
    Raleigh, NC

    I initially gave a low rating since even after I was asked to review this guide, I hadn’t received it. I reached out to customer service, and the reply took a few days, but the service was great, and I was sent the guide in a email with an apology.

    The guide itself is comprehensive and a great resource for a quick overview of what foods should be eaten, and which avoided. It includes the natural/homeopathic information I’ve come to appreciate from the People’s Pharmacy in a concise format. This guide is great information I would encourage anyone to review.

  8. Cholesterol Control and Heart Health

    St. Louis

    The article was more information than I expected. I pay close attention to cholesterol readings and learned more by reading the article. The other thing I liked about the article was the wealth of CURRENT information.

  9. Update

    Carolyn Schwebel

    It took several tries to get the booklet but once I received it I found it very, very good. I wanted it to discuss with my M.D. who is quite pushy about statins as an automatic medicine since I have diabetes. The booklet has much information. I appreciate Peoples Pharmacy and will continue to do so! This has just what I needed as well as more about Mucinex.Thank you so much.

  10. Excellent product!

    K S
    Durham, NC

    This product is written very clearly, citing scientific literature as appropriate with an explanation in plain English, and gives practical suggestions. Nice job!

  11. Cholesterol Control & Heart Health

    Luanne W.

    I too thought I would receive booklet by mail; would have preferred that option rather than digital copy. I was specifically seeking more information on red yeast rice and found the information somewhat lacking. It’s not bad but I was hoping for more.

  12. Valuable alternatives to statins

    Martha W.

    I’m trying to avoid statins so I thought this information would be valuable, as I need alternative suggestions. I found the pamphlet informative and very useful. It remains to be seen how successful I will be in following the guidelines.

  13. Cholesterol Control & Heart

    Gail Horton Blair

    I thought I would be receiving my Order through the U.S. Postal Service to read at my leisure, not to read as email (Digital) on my cell phone. Very misleading, and as an elder, too much to read at one sitting because you could not “pin“ your stopping point.

    • Dear Gail, making these guides digital means they can readily be updated, whereas there is always a lag time when you have to make print copies. We are sorry you were disappointed. Everyone else should note: these are DIGITAL, electronic, online resources, not printed brochures.

  14. Don't be afraid to say NO to your doctor

    Mary Flowers

    My doctor is sometimes mildly irritated when I refuse to take statins and cholesterol-lowering drugs. I have never had a good outcome for any I have taken, including Lipitor, Zocor, and several others. I am determined to use diet and exercise to lower my cholesterol. Your booklet gave me lots of info on the myriad drugs on the market. Now I am armed with good info if my doctor tries to recommend another one. If you have pertinent info when going to see your doctor, don’t let the doc browbeat you. You know your body best. Be precise and to the point when protesting. The doctor does not always know best.

  15. Cholesterol Control and Heart Health

    Carolyn J.

    These are a new set for my grown son, as I have my own The People’s Pharmacy papers I purchased last year. I had another email address then so I could not figure out how to keep anything together. These pages will be a big help for someone just beginning the high cholesterol work. At the same time I ordered the Diabetes papers, of which I have a copy from last year. Only thing I could not do was make the pages have a page number and the information referred to a page number on several occasions. My older Diabetes pages were numbered and did not take as many pages although most of the information was the same.

  16. It Works


    My doctor said that I would probably need to go on statins if my cholesterol did not come down. I got this guide and read it thoroughly and then crafted a strategy that involved reducing fats, red meat, and white flour and sugar. And, I began taking 3600 mg of fish oil each day, along with ginger, turmeric and cinnamon in my tea. I had great success in dropping my cholesterol 60 points in 3 months, from 247 to 185. My doctor was very impressed.

    I found that this is a regimen that I comfortably follow, even when I travel.

    Thanks for this great information.

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