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Digestive Disorders

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Download this guide to getting off heartburn medicine. Preventing ulcers. Effective treatments for constipation and diarrhea. Foods and drugs that cause gas.

Product Description

Many heartburn medicines such as Nexium, Prevacid or Prilosec can be hard to discontinue once a person has taken them for a month or two. The result of stopping them suddenly can be rebound hyperacidity, leading to agonizing discomfort and driving many people back to the medications. Find out how to get off them safely.

Learn how peptic ulcers can be effectively treated, and how to prevent them.

Which foods and drugs commonly cause gas? The guide describes how to pinpoint those that cause trouble for you. There are also ways to lessen the impact of beans, broccoli and other common culprits.

Find out about effective treatments for both constipation and diarrhea.

Product Reviews

  1. Overcoming Digestive Disorders

    Jane Yuen

    It was very helpful. There is a lot of welcome information on how to calm down GERD.

  2. Overcoming Digestive Disorders


    Good information; will share with my dietitian and gastroenterologist; was at Mayo Clinic for help and got better service/information here with small town doctor!

  3. Digestive Disorders

    L. Dowd

    I read this guide to help a family member overcome GERD. The only help he got from his doctor was a prescription for a PPI. I found the practical advice very helpful, and I have shared it with several people. Thanks for all that you do!



    Good information with two glaring omissions: First, article failed to include info on
    drug Sucralfate, prescribed to half production of stomach acid and prescribed as a lifetime regimen. Second, failed to include info on alternatives to Sucralfate and PPIs such as Gaviscon to be taken before each meal (2-4 tablets). This is unnecessary if one is taking OTC Pepsid Complete once or twice a day. These two drugs, often prescribed, are unnecessary and better alternatives exist.
    How could you have forgotten to include them in your otherwise fine article???

  5. Digestive disorders

    Patricia G.

    Well researched and informative. A lot of information to digest. Will need to read it more than once.


    Fred E. W.
    Hardy, VA

    It was excellent except for one VERY HUGE OMISSION e.g. Did not include review of
    Sucralfate, which was prescribed for me following surgery for Barrett’s exophagus…
    a lifetime prescription of 3 huge caplets per day before every meal for life. In
    checking this out with Dr. Andrew Weil’s book, MIND OVER MEDICINE, I saw the serious
    side effects that can occur by long-term usage of this commonly prescribed drug. Not a single solitary mention of it in your review. When I asked surgeon PA about my plans to discontinue it, she replied with the “C” word, e.g. “you’ll get CANCER.”

    Also, page numbers would really help, as I got the pages completely out of sequence… could you send me another copy with page numbers???
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Confirmed what other research had shown me. Always a good thing. Thank you.

  8. Overcoming Digestive Disorders


    I found helpful info on a number of topics, but am needing info on severe acid reflux. It has changed the quality of my life in several ways since October. I have to sleep almost sitting up. I have changed my diet drastically trying to find foods that I can tolerate. I am losing weight although I eat small meals throughout the day and nothing after 6 p.m. In addition, my teeth have been affected by the acid that continues to come up into my mouth. I’ve been to two gastroenterologists, gone through multiple tests, and still don’t have an answer or relief.

  9. Overcoming Digestive Disorders

    Jerry Nichols
    Mesa, AZ, USA

    Because of the bad press coming out against Nexium and Nexium types I am alarmed about the consequences of continuing to take this drug. It really helped me to handle the GERD and heartburn that I was having.

    But I have been taking this drug for too many years now, and I need to get off of it before I start having organ failures. I have Barrett’s Esophagus because of the many years I suffered ulcers and GERD and took Rolaids, Tums, etc. I am glad to see some hope of getting off of the drug now with the information in your review.

  10. Digestive Disorders

    Joan D.

    Did not find the article as informative as I had hoped it would be. Had read about all of the “remedies” in other articles; therefore, learned nothing new. Disappointed in content.

  11. Digestive Disorders/PPIs

    New Mexico

    This is a good review of “heart burn” options. Mostly, I need alternatives to PPIs. I will use apple cider vinegar. I was told to take Prilosec daily by my doctor. After about 3 months I had abdominal pain, so I stopped it and the pain went away. I won’t take a PPI – I think that the dangers are too great. ACV has been used for many years so I will use the natural remedy over the acid blockers. Thanks for a balanced review of the options.

  12. A very helpful guide on dealing with gastrointestinal discomfort.

    Constantine R.

    Very interesting reading. The authors appear to have done extensive research and have much experience in this area. I think that reviewers must keep in mind that, as the authors have said, no remedies can be expected to work for everyone nor do we know what contraindications might be discovered in the future. I, for one, am very grateful for their advice.

  13. Diarrhea info, please.

    Elaine H.

    I was hoping for substantive information on diahrrea but found none. However,the discussions of OTC medications, home remedies, PPIs and celiac disease were, or someday will probably be, very helpful.

  14. More diarrhea info, please.

    Elaine H.

    It contained quite a bit of good information about OTC remedies, PPIs and other drugs I hope
    never to have to take. I also appreciated the personal accounts of home remedies. However, the infomation about diarrhea I was looking for wasn’t included.

  15. Digestive disorders

    Carroll Hebert

    It was helpful. I, too, would have liked more info on spastic colon but the issues that were covered were good. You have to go to a gastro dr to get help for your particular problem. That’s the best plan. Cough up the money, and make an appointment that includes all the testing needed. I did, and got an entire education on what my gut needs and how it works. Now I live a much more comfortable life.

  16. Very Helpful

    Paul Lotts
    The Woodlands

    Very helpful. Gained new info to help us with my wife’s condition.

  17. Where is diarrhea info?

    John Parnell
    Dallas TX

    There is almost nothing in this eBook about diarrhea.

  18. Digestive Disorders

    Janet Genovese
    N.C., USA

    Not exactly what I was looking for. No info on spastic colon and what foods that could quiet it down.

  19. Lack of affordability of hugh Pharma Drugs:


    The only thoughts I have regarding huge Pharma, insurance companies, politicians, government and the medical field of today are:
    their bottom lines & major concerns are for HUGE Profits, HUGE CEO salaries, benefits, stock options. The patient, consumers and drug affordability are not put first. That is my personal experience and my opinion. Government and greed does nothing to make brand name & generic drugs affordable to those on fixed/Soc.Sec. only, incomes. So sad in this country!

  20. Thanks for the HELP

    New Jersey

    Great info to help others wean off PPIs. I have taken Nexium for many years, but have decided to transition to natural remedies. Thanks to you, I now have the info to succeed, with the least side effects. Kudos…

  21. Digestive disorders


    I didn’t find this article helpful at all. Tagamet wasn’t enough to keep down the acid. I know it is only 2 dollars but it is totally useless

  22. Digestive Disorders

    DM Martin

    Very helpful. I find that chewing a piece of lemon rind before and after meals helps a great deal. Also, a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda relieves quickly and apple cider vinegar in water is helpful. Dr. Low Dog has recommended 6 mg. of Melatonin at night for a couple of months and I also found that helpful. Much better to use natural remedies than the drugs…. I became totally depended on them.

    I do use a good digestive enzyme as well.

  23. Digestive Disorders/PPIs/NSAIDS


    This article was very informative! I will print it to show mine and my mother’s doctors. We are both taking PPIs for a long time now. Scary what goes on with drug companies and medical people. Thanks for the needed info.!

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